1,750HP, $2M Laraki Epitome Concept Awes at Pebble Concours

Lakari Epitome Concept 2

Pebble Beach is one of the greatest among a long list of great high-class automotive endeavors. And with any high-class event, cars that regularly fetch in the millions of dollars are displayed on the lawn for all to see.

This year, we were met with a number of speciality supercars which had been teased and touted the weeks and days previous. But nothing had prepared us for what Irvine, California-based (formerly a Moroccan firm) upstart automaker Laraki had planned; the Epitome concept. And outlandishly stunning piece of hypercar engineering.

Laraki Epitome Concept

The gorgeous design sits atop a C6 Corvette body and boasts a 7.0-liter, Chevy sourced twin-turbo V8. Power sits at an immense 1,750-hp (and a measly 1,200-hp on standard pump gas), and thanks to a curb weight of only around 2,800-lbs, the Epitome can exceed speeds well over 200 mph.

Only nine examples of the extremely unique hypercar are said to be built, but Laraki hints at further product development in the near future.

PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 Laraki Epitome Concept

Source/Photo Credit: Autoblog

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