‘Glow in the Dark’ Lamborghini Back on the Street

Glow in the Dark Lambo

When we told you last week how some clown’s ‘glow in the dark’ purple Lamborghini was impounded in London for lack of proper insurance, rumor had it the car was headed for the crusher. Depending on how you look at it, we have some good (bad?) news– it is back on the streets once again, saved from imminent death.

When Al Thani got word that his pride and joy could be heading for the crusher, he showed up at the London PD with properwork in hand. Thankfully for him, this lead to the release of his boisterous Bull, set to live another day.

Glow in the Dark Lambo 2

A piece of advice: if you plan on driving around a $270K glowstick in the middle of London, make sure you’re legally suppose to be driving it.

VIDEO: Glow in the Dark Purple Aventador Seized by Police within 48 Hours

Photo Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

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