2014 BMW i3: Electric Fun for the Whole Family

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During BMW’s official reveal of the new i3 in New York only a few hours ago, a family with children were brought up on stage to signify the brand’s dedication to the electric movement for years to come, and the dream of a greener planet for your children’s children. All very cheesy and played out, I know, but along with the yet-to-be-unveiled i8, BMW promises that its “i” lineup is a “revolutionary step towards sustainable mobility.”

Mimicking much of what we saw with the i3 concept back in 2011, the production version comes with a signature set of headlights and a sleeker double kidney grille. The large hatch design also sports a pair of “coach doors,” that open towards the rear and “stream flow” contours along the side.


Staying true to its sustainability roots, the interior comes with “naturally treated leather, wood, wool and other renewable and recycled raw materials.” All of these natural elements are paired to a high-tech navigation system, an electrically-operated glass roof, dual climate control and heated front seats. In the back, the bench seat also provides room for three.

At 170-hp, the pure-electric motor is no slouch. Connected to a single-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive, the i3 is propelled to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds, on to a top speed of 93 mph. And on a single charge, you can find yourself reaching somewhere between 81 and 99 miles, which BMW promises more than exceeds the average daily travel rate (39.7 miles).

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From overseas, you can pick up your i3 for as little (or as much) as $41,350- not including about an extra $1,000 in destination fees. And by the end of the year, you European buyers can catch the handsome hatch in showrooms for €34,950 (£25,680).

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