This Guy Restored a 1907 Spyker From the Ground Up

Spyker 2

Spyker is a beautiful make of car, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they should be punished. And while today we immediately associate the Dutch automaker with cars like the C8 Aileron or even the new B6 Venator, the Spyker name has been around since 1898.

And the brand has a pretty handsome history to account for- since the early 1900′s in fact they were building cars and doing anything and everything they could to be a premier automaker. All the while credited as some of the best craftsmen on the planet.


But here’s the real scoop- one New Zealander came across what to most would look like a heap of scrap metal, but was in fact the chassis off a 1907 Spyker. Most likely a 60/80 model. And since 2001, he’s been hard at work restoring the project from the ground up.

It wasn’t until recently that he managed to show off the near-finished product. After countless years of grease-stained overalls, a few setbacks courtesy of mother nature and one glorious engine noise later, did the project officially come to life. We salute you sir, that is one truly stunning piece of machinery.

Spyker 5

Spyker 3

Spyker 6

Spyker 7

You can watch the full progress from start to finish on his Facebook page

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