Subaru EyeSight Actually Understands How We Drive


Subaru EyeSight is a high-tech feature that the Japanese automaker can be proud of. The pair of cameras mounted on either side of the rear view camera can analyze the road ahead and employ the information in a number of ways such as pre-collision avoidance and braking, lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control. While other brands use lasers for these features, the use of dual cameras apparently has the depth-perceiving ability of a pair of eyes. We used it on the new Forester, and guess what? EyeSight works.

While these features are safety necessities, one aspect of Subaru EyeSight proves that they understand how people really drive. In traffic, when the car in front of you has pulled away, the system lets you know with a beep and an alert prompt. In short- it knows when you are futzing around on your smartphone, and doesn’t want you to be the jerk who lets precious seconds at a green light go to waste while you’re making Grumpy Cat memes.


Sure, you’ll say: “Oh, I don’t use my phone in traffic! That is so irresponsible  You kids- rabble, rabble!” To which I reply; there are people who play with their phones in traffic, and then there are people lie about playing with smartphones in traffic. This little feature accommodates how we really drive, and while it will not prevent accidents the way that other EyeSight aspects do, it is helpful in other ways.

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