Need for Speed Readies Custom Shelby GT500 for Upcoming Film

Shelby GT500 2

If the folks over at DreamWorks have anything to say about it, the Fast and Furious franchise is all but dead in the water. With the upcoming Need for Speed film lurking on the horizon (set for sometime in 2014), the production team is pulling out all the stops to make one grandiose production.

Granted, we’ve already seen some of those set to make on on screen appearance, but this is the first time we can say a custom-built Shelby Mustang will land the starring role. Driven by none other than the films protagonist, Aaron Paul.┬áThe custom wide-body Shelby comes with 22-inch wheels, larger twin air intakes, a supercharged version of the standard V8, and a fully custom interior.

Need for Speed is rooted in Americana, and when we were casting our hero car for the film, Ford Mustang was the obvious choice,” told DreamWorks’ Stacey Snider. “With its 50-year history in film, the iconic Mustang is the perfect co-star for Aaron Paul.”

Shelby GT500

Along with the custom Shelby, Ford’s product place goes as far as an F-450 known as “The Beast,” along with another Mustang which was used as a “specially designed camera car,” for any and all of those high-speed chase scenes.

You can catch the all-new Need for Speed film when it hits theaters next year.

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