Flo Rida Wraps Bugatti in Gold Chrome Because he’s Flo Rida

Gold Chrome Bugatti

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes chrome can be sort of sexy- that is, all in the right situation. Chrome blue Veyron? Pretty sexy. Gold chrome Veyron, though? Ugh. Not so much.

Flo Rida- a Florida based rapper (get it?), took his multi-million dollar whip down to Hollywood’s (Florida) Metro Wrapz, who promptly wrapped up the gold chrome Bugatti project and sent it out into the world. The new gold getup further accentuates his 24 karat gold Forgiato rims, which aren’t tacky at all.

Gold Chrome Bugatti 2

We’ll disdain from using words like “horrid” or “unfathomably ridiculous,” but rather, we’ll say Flo Rida’s new ride is definitely “bold.”

Source: Wrapped World

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