Vossen and OSS Designs Dream Up One Menacing Audi RS5 [W/Video]

If you were looking for something to be frightened of today, look no further. This is one mean and clean Audi RS5. Developed in partnership by Vossen and OSS Designs, this gorgeous piece of German engineering is one monstrous looking ride.

Normally, the RS5 needs no introduction, as it’s a pretty little thing in itself. But thanks to some new 20″ Vossen CV5′s, the sharp design of the wheels compliment the Audi coupe better than most. And a bit more stance gets the heart racing faster than usual.

On the front end, OSS added their signature colored halo LED’s, which seen here in red, can be changed via a remote on the inside of the car. Also the grille, intake and a few other accents, all given the blacked out treatment.

Making our way back, OSS added a radical new rear quarter panel with an intake so massive it frightens small Bimmers. And on the rear, the Audi was given a smooth ducktail wing and some sharp new angles on the diffuser.

PHOTOS: See more of the Vossen Audi RS5

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