Detroit Electric Back in Business With SP:01 Sportscar

Tesla, we get it, you’re annoying. And your dream Roadster was just about sub-par- so much so in fact that you went on a suing fit if anyone even looked at it funny. But that’s enough about you, this is the all-new Tesla Roadster Detroit Electric SP:01, and it’s the fastest pure-electric production car *Jeremy Clarkson voice* IN THE WORLD!

Courtesy of Detroit Electric- last seen producing vehicles in 1939- the company’s first new electric sportscar is all the things the Tesla Roadster aspired to be; faster, better looking, more blue. Oh, did we mention it comes with a four-speed manual transmission? It does. Dreamed up by former Group CEO of Lotus Engineering, Albert Lam, it’s no surprise that the Exige-based SP:01 bears a striking resemblance to something far more British.

But what powers the “fastest-ever production electric car?” How about two 37-kWh lithium-polymer batteries and an air-cooled, asynchronous AC electric motor (built in the U.S.) brings the total output to a healthy 201-hp. Top speed is done up at a limited 155 mph, and 60 mph is managed in 3.7 seconds.

Unlike most other electric vehicles, the SP:01 is accented by the aforementioned four-speed manual transmission, which, is almost like an automatic in the sense that you don’t need to press in the clutch when starting or stopping, the engine just… stops. And all 201 ponies are sent directly to the rear wheels via said manual gearbox.

Like any electric car as well, it needs to be plugged in. Directly paired to a charge point delivering “240 volts and 32 amps,” you can get your roadster done up and charged in only about four hours. Drop that down to a 13-amp power source and you’ll be waiting a full eight hours to get back behind the wheel.

Base price for this electric beauty comes in at a whopping $135K, not including options like an automatic transmission, specialty leather trim and a carbon fiber hard top. All we know is, we can’t wait to drive it.

PHOTOS: See more of the Detroit Electric SP:01

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