Underground Racing Ferrari 458 Wrecked at Amelia Island Airport

The good folks over at Underground Racing have been known to develop some of the fastest and most powerful aftermarket products known to man. Mostly in the form of twin-turbo kits for your already faster-than-necessary Italian supercar.

One proud owner of a custom UR twin-turbo Ferrari 458- pushing close to 700-hp, don’t forget- recently found out exactly just how powerful his car really is. By crashing it.

According to Ferrari Chatat the Amelia Island Municipal Airport, the driver nearly topped off his two-day old, 700-hp 458 on a runway before realizing he didn’t have enough room to stop. This sent the (expensive) Ferrari blasting off the end of the runway and into some surrounding shrubbery.

Thankfully, the driver was relatively uninjured; except for maybe his ego.

Source: GTSpirit

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