Renault Alpine Scheduled for 2016, Won’t Resemble “Monster” A110-50 Concept

When Renault’s Alpine A110-50┬áhit the show floor early last year, it soon became one of the most desirable concept cars of 2012. And for good reason; it was gorgeous, it was powerful, and most importantly, it resurrected the long-gone Alpine nameplate, which has been off the market since 1995.

Now though, as Renault has finalized partnership with Caterham on production, Alpine CEO Bernard Oliver says that it won’t bear much semblance to the “monster” A110-50 concept we saw in Paris.

“[The Alpine project] is very strategic for us, [but] I can say lightness is very important. The iconic A110 was a very good mix between style, weight and performance, and the new Alpine will be the same. It will not be a car that will go to 300km/h, it’s about the pleasure you take from the short bends,” Oliver told

This means that new Alpine will be in closer relation to the Porsche 911 in terms of weight and power, but at a cheaper price. A formula that Oliver hopes will attract segment buyers.

A production ready Alpine will be shown (most likely in Paris) closer to a 2016 debut.

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