KTM Readying Audi-Powered 5-Cylinder X-Bow

The KTM X-Bow- with its windowless features and track-car persona, may not be to everyone’s liking. And the new X-Bow GT, while it does bear windows and a removable cloth top, still retains most of the looks and feel of the original.

So, what would it take for one dead-set against the X-Bow, to possibly do a double take. An Audi-sourced turbo 5-cylinder with paddle shifters? Maybe.

While the 295-hp currently found on the X-Bow is directly driven from an Audi-sourced turbocharged 4-Cylinder, new reports suggest than a larger, more powerful turbo-five could find itself at home on the chassis of the track car.

Sitting down with Evo in Geneva, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer described the Audi 5-cylinder as “very compact and fits perfectly in our chassis.”

As of now, the engine currently found in the Audi TT RS and RS3 produces 335-hp and upwards of close to 500 in a full racing suit. KTM has yet to officially determine when or where to use the turbo-five, but says that the company has been looking for a more powerful engine “in race usage”.

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