Brilliant Mind Behind: Alfa Romeo 6C Concept

We’ve been pretty happy to hear that Alfa Romeo is finally making its return back to the states. Why shouldn’t we be? Alfa’s been gone from the U.S. since 1995 and with that we haven’t been able to get behind the wheel of any sweet sexy Italian design anytime soon. Now though, as the 4C is already spearheading the brands return to the colonies, another ideal could fuse Italian design and American muscle; the Alfa Romeo 6C Concept.

Designed by IED student Alex Imnadze, the concept previews what could become of Alfa if they so decided to take cues from American automakers such as Ford or Chevy. A muscular, long-ended body molded to signature Alfa Romeo design. It’s a match made in auto-enthusiast heaven. So, we stopped to chat with Alex to see how he came up with the idea for this creative design.

BoldRide: Where did you draw inspiration for your design?

Alex: I think I will not say better than Slavche tanevsky “Α very special person who still inspires me, makes me very happy and supports me at whatever I am doing.” he’s right, nothing inspires you better than your family and soulmate.

How long did it take you from start to finish?

It’s hard to say because I was working on two projects during the semester from novemberr till February. For each it took more or less 2 months.

What was the most challenging aspect of the design?

The Alfa 6c took more time than I was expecting not because it was hard to make a final model from the technical stand, but because of the lines & main sculptural shape in millimeters. It took more than 2 weeks moving and cutting lines up and down, stretching volumes! It was terrible, and still i think it was possible to make it better!

What kind of engine, specs would you imagine the 6C to have?

Well as I was saying, the main concept was to make a competitor for american muscle cars so it can have a V12 same as Ferrari F12, or V8 from a 2013 Camaro, or 2013 Dodge Challenger.

Do you think this car would be a success in the market?

For me, it’s hard to say, it’s difficult to judge your own creation, I think readers can answer this question much better than me!

Are there any new concepts you are planning to work on in the future?

In the near future I will post my second project the Pininfarina Alin, that I was working on during semesters. I have one personal project I can say only one thing that is mix of 2 italian bands. The teaser of the Pininfarina project you can see on my blog .

Thanks to Alex for taking time to taks to us!

PHOTOS: See more of the Alfa Romeo 6C Concept here

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