Alfa, Spyker and Renault Heating Up Sportscar Segment

Throughout the history of man- and woman- the Porsche 911 has been heralded as one of the greatest sportscars ever built. The distribution of weight, paired to a balanced engine makes it an all-around great, fun car.

But what about the newbies? As the mid-range, 300-hp sportscar segment heats up, the Porsche 911 is quick to be thrown to the wayside in favor of some fresh new faces from Alfa Romeo, Renault and Spyker.

The B6 Venator- Spyker’s answer to the 911′s of the world- comes fitted with a 375-hp V6 and a near identical power to weight ratio as the famed 911. As for price, we expect in the same range as well when it hits production.

Rival numero dos- the Alfa Romeo 4C- is the most teased and arguably best looking newcomer to the group. With Alfa’s return to the U.S. sealed and mailed, the 4C is spearheading the Italian brand’s triumphant return with a V6 somewhere in the 300- to 350-hp mark.

The Renault Alpine on the other hand, made its appearance a bit early with a showing in Paris of last year, but it wasn’t until this years Geneva Motor Show rolled around did we a get a better picture of the production car. Taming the “monster” A110-50 concept, the Alpine is expected with a smaller V6 as well.

Overall, each of these Euro-sportscars seems like a fine addition to the family. 300 horses, drop-dead gorgeous good looks and affordable enough not to sell your children. Question is, which one would you want?

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