2,800HP Camaro Wrecked During 220 MPH Texas Mile Speed Run

If you’ve ever scooted on down to the bi-annual Texas Mile, you know that you’re in for quite the show. With some of the most powerful cars in the world taking to the 1.5-mile airstrip in Beeville, Texas, it’s no surprise that many- if not all, push the 200 mph mark at one point or another.

A fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro- complete with a 2,800-hp V8- has been a regular to the event for the past number of years and only last October hit a monstrous 263 mph on the track. This year though, the car was not so speedy…

The KP Racing built Camaro out of Houston took to the track this past weekend- unfortunately, the driver lost control of the vehicle at nearly 220 mph. KP Racing’s Facebook page gives us better detail on the wreck:

“As many of you know yesterday our driver and tuner had a horrific crash. We do know some of the details but we will be taking our time analyzing the data. We are truly thankful that Joe was able to walk away with minor injurys and we expect a full recovery.”

As the team stated, thankfully, the driver was unharmed in the wreck, but we can’t say the same for that monster of a Camaro…

Source: KP Racing via Yahoo

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