The 2015 Ford Mustang Will Be the Best Mustang Ever

Ever. And that’s a very bold statement (puns!), if I do say so myself. I’ve never been one to give credit to the modern day crooks that are the American automakers. That said, out of the Big Three, Ford draws the least of my ire.

Lets be honest, the blue oval knows what it’s doing. The new “One Ford” global strategy might have been its brightest idea since the introduction of the original Mustang in 1963. The influx of cars like the Fiesta and the redesigned Focus in the small-car-hungry American market, put Ford a step above Chrysler and General Motors.

But why will the 2015 Ford Mustang be the best Mustang ever built? What will make it so different from the current Mustang in terms of sportiness, efficiency, looks; the whole nine yards?

For one, if you get behind the wheel of any post-recession Ford (aside from the Mustang, we’ll get to that in a minute), you’ll see that all this high-quality material like the leather, better plastic, technology, EcoBoost; it’s really just complete.

It all just feels good– really good. And knowing that all this technology and quality is present in 90% of the current model range really presents a big opportunity for Ford moving forward on the new Mustang.

As for the current Mustang, it’s going to continue to sit as a ridiculous example of pre-modern engineering, with an oversized (yet impressive) V8, some of the worst craftsmanship you can find today and a body style that’s aged as gracefully as a $10 whore (don’t worry, the full review will be better/worse).

So, when you get rid of all the bad engineering found in the current Mustang, and you replace it with all that’s good in the new Focus/F-150/Explorer/etc (EcoBoost, technology, quality, American ingenuity) and styling cues from the 2011 Evos Concept (pictured), you find a real-life, American-built quality sportscar. One that will undoubtedly de-crown the Toyobaru/GT-R/Corvette/anything else in due time, which is quite a feat for an American automaker.

I mean really, it’s finally good to see that us mouth-breathing, cheeseburger eating, knuckle-dragging Americans are catching up to the rest of the world…and then kicking their asses.

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