NRTG 2KXIII: Top 5 Rides from Nurotag Miami

We took a trip on down to South Beach to take part in one of the Southeast’s fastest growing tuner events; Nurotag. Created by the co-founder of the now-famed goldRush Rally, Abel Garcia, the event has grown to incorporate not only cars, but also fashion, art, music and, of course, girls.

This year, as the Nurotag crew heads out on NRTG 2KXIII, the event will take over cities ranging from Miami to Chicago, and anywhere in-between. Kicking off the new year, Miami was the first stop on the tour, and we were there to find some of the sickest rides that tuners and fans alike had to offer. Here are our  five favorites:

5. Signature Customs/Restyleit Chrome Nissan GT-R’s

Showing up in style, South Florida-based Signature Customs and Canadian tuners Restyleit brought the heat with their custom blue-and-green-chrome Nissan GT-R’s. Casually late, the duo strolled through the parking garage to the amazement of onlookers…

4. Active Autowerke BMW M3 Blitzkrieg

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Active Autowerke’s 700-hp BMW M3 Project Blitzkrieg. No siree. The 4.4L supercharged V8 was massively impressive and the custom 3.0CSL-inspired wrap was absolutely stunning. A piece of modern-day automotive artwork.

3. Prestige Imports Lamborghini Aventador AU79

Prestige Imports of Miami definitely showed up much of the competition with their Aventador AU79. The custom-wrapped gold Aventador was mostly covered up by hoards of curious onlookers, but in the process, we did manage to squeeze our way through and gaze upon its beauty.

2. Lou La Vie Spyker C8 Spyder

Lamborghinis are sweet. Ferraris are nice. Nissan GT-R’s? Ok. But who the hell brought this gorgeous piece of Dutch ass? Lou La Vie- the Miami-based exotic and luxury rental group.

Here in the states, the $350K, 400-hp luxury exotic is about as rare as it gets. With a touch of personality added to the headlights, wheels and interior, it makes it all the more desirable.

1. Vossen Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

Vossen‘s motto this year must have been “show up or be shown up.” At least, that’s what we thought when they stopped by with a Ferrari 458 Italia, a mint green Lexus GS-F Sport a team of 30 and of course, their deadly Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series.

Along with their Ferrari 458 Italia, the C63 has grown quite the reputation from here to Japan. Praise much deserved. It’s all black everything getup on a set of dark gold Vossen wheels makes for a clean stance and menacing look. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

Honorable Mention: Rat Rod

We’re not exactly sure who brought along their rat rod to the show, but it was a breath of fresh air amongst all the Silvias and Civics on display. Good for you, dude.

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