For Sale: 1969 Lola T70 MKIII B From Steve McQueen’s Le Mans

If you’ve been looking for something outrageously sexy to spend that least favorite child’s college fund on, this might be it. A 1969 Lola T70 MKIII from the 1971 Steve McQueen classic film Le Mans.

The completely rebuilt (now race ready!) Lola T70 was one of the most iconic vehicles ever built. Mimicking design from early Fords and Porsches, the classic piece is still remembered until today as a timeless example of 60s and 70s Le Mans racing.

Taking center stage at the Silverstone Auctions house, this- along with others, will be part of the Race Retro weekend at Stoneleigh Park on February 23rd.

Source: Silverstone Auctions

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