Factory Five 33 Roadster is Real-Life Lincoln Phaeton Concept

The image you see above you is one of the more wild versions of the Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod. Designed to combine classic looks with modern power, handling and crafstmanship, it is an amazing blend of old and new. This particular version focuses more on the new, with a large rear spoiler, modern two-piece wheels, and high-performance tires. In fact, there is only one other vehicle that exists that even comes close to this car, and it isn’t even a real machine.

The 1932 Lincoln Phaeton Concept by Iacoski Design is born of the same notion, bridging old and new in one spectacular vehicle. The modern wheels, grippy tires, exposed engine and cloth top are shared by both vehicles.

The odds are good that the builder of the Factory Five car and Polish designer Jacek Koldziejcyk have never seen each others work. It is truly amazing to see when life imitates art, and vice versa. We would love to know what Koldziejcyk thinks of this wild hot rod!

PHOTOS: See more of the 1932 Lincoln Phaeton Hot Rod Concept

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