42-Wheeled BMW Concept is One Four-Year-Old’s Dream

Imagine for a second if you could create your very own outrageous concept car. You can so outfit it to your heart’s┬ádesire — rocket boosters, quad-turbo, a froyo machine- whatever. That would be pretty sweet, right?

One four-year old designer named Eli got to see his very own 42-wheeled, 19-eninged BMW concept turn into a reality. And with 8,000+ horsepower. Which is a lot.

The call to action from Jalopnik lead to a host of readers creating their own 42-wheeled Bavarian fantasies from scratch, but it wasn’t until BMW USA stepped in and made the whole project completely awesome. The 42-wheeler comes with a number of engine bays, driving positions and of course, toy trunks for moving of said toys.

Good for you, BMW.

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