Toyota GT 86 Shooting Brake: Shut Up and Take My Money

For most, the Ferrari FF is the niche-wagon aficionado’s perfection, contained between sheet metal and carbon fiber. The only problem is, all this ‘perfection’ comes at the cost of one’s yet-to-be-conceived child. Sadly, we most likely won’t ever see one precariously perched in our driveway, but there might be a solution.

This, my friends, is a look at a Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S shooting brake, and it is absolutely gorgeous. With the already unthinkable drivability of the FR-S, combined to a Kardashain-esque rear-end, it makes for one of the most radical reboot’s we’ve ever seen.

Thought up by the good folks over at Car Throttle, the shooting brake stretches the average GT 86 by 70mm, boasts a new set of more practical rear seats, loads up an 8.5 second (from 7.8 second) 0-60 thanks to some added weight and would cost all around £26,945 ($42,000).

Toyota, do this. Right now.

Source: Car Throttle

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