This Japanese Sportscar Graveyard is the Saddest Thing You Will See All Week

It’s hard to really say where all of our old and beloved sportscars end up. Most likely at the bottom end of a scrap pile somewhere in Minnesota. One imgur user though, came across one of the most heartbreaking sites any enthusiast will ever have to witness, a graveyard filled with some of the most iconic Japanese and British sportscars ever made.

Amongst the rubble of this long lost graveyard, are a host of Skylines, Z-cars, RX-7s, Subies, Minis, Midgets and even some bugs.

This sportscar tomb is an example of a Japanese vehicle inspection system known as “Shaken,” in which vehicles deemed unsafe (whether by age or illegal modification) are given a red sticker by police and therefore must be re-modified, inspected and approved before being declared street legal once again.

Unfortunately, with the high-cost of re-working the vehicle and taxes and fees associated with the law, more often than not, many owners decide that the expenses outweigh the benefits.

If we could, we would buy up all these beautiful sportsters just to see them on the road one last time…

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