KTM X-Bow GT: More Windows, More Doors, More Good?

When companies like KTM, Ariel and BAC are credited with some of the most rough and rigid hardcore track cars around, the idea of a real car with real doors and a real windscreen seems sort of pointless and out of place. Why would anyone care for such a lavish monstrosity?

But realistically speaking, it’s safe to say that more than three-quarters (if not more) of today’s average market is in fact not looking for a car which lacks a windscreen, windows and electronics. Rather, the wealthy are likely searching for something more operable and convenient- shocker, I know. It truly takes a driven enthusiast to appreciate the art of lightweight track cars such as these.

For former motorcycle manufactures KTM, the decision to expand their customer-base comes int the form of the yet-to-be introduced KTM X-Bow GT. Yes, with doors, and a roof.

As of yet, KTM won’t leak any details on the project, but rumors suggest the current 2.0L flat-4 engine will be replaced with a five-cylinder example, and of course, the formerly topless X-Bow will be given roof, windows, doors and conveniences.

With the introduction of said necessities, it’s hard to determine where the X-Bow will stand in the coming years. In reality, it has the chance to be good. Very good. On the other end of the spectrum, the lack of automotive engineering history by the bike-builders could prove fatal.

Either way, the X-Bow GT will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March; and we can’t wait.

PHOTOS: See more of the 2011 KTM X-Bow

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