Chevrolet and Nissan Planning Toyobaru Rivals

Today’s most enticing automotive idea bug- the rear-drive, lightweight, affordable sportscar- has taken hold of automaking giants Chevrolet and Nissan. In new reports, officials claim to be working on a Toyota GT-86/Subaru BRZ rival of their own.

According to Australia’s, talking with GM’s North American boss Mark Reuss, he told the publication that the idea of a rear-drive sportscar is “on the list,” and “it would be a great entry for us.” If we’re to believe Reuss, the entry level sportscar would run on their 2012 Code 130R platform revealed early last year.

Nissan, on the other hand, announced their initial interest in the idea more than a few months ago, but not until sitting down with Automotorblog at the Detroit Auto Show did vice president Andy Palmer disclose more information on the project.

Like Chevy, Nissan hopes to place their very own “love it or hate it” entry model (possibly bearing a 240Z nameplate) somewhere underneath the more expensive 370Z.

Expect details on both projects to be disclosed further as production nears.

Source:, Automotorblog

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