BMW M3 Gone Wild: The G-Power M3 RS

The BMW M3 has long been a favorite with various tuners. Variants have spanned the range from the mild to the wild and tuning houses will often build custom M3s that exhibit the parts they have to offer to M3 owners. Sometimes, these cars will be sold on a limited basis, similar to what Saleen does with the Mustang. These cars offer significant increases in performance over the stock versions, but they also come at a very high price point.

G-Power has been a prominent player in the tuner industry. They sell performance parts for a wide range of BMW models, everything from the X6 crossover to older E46 M3s and are capable of building custom BMWs to the owner’s specifications. G-Power competes in various Europeon racing series with modified versions of the E90 M3. Recently, they’ve debuted a radical version of the 2012 BMW M3, dubbed the RS.

What’s unique about the RS is that it slims down the weight of the stock M3 by a considerable margin. The G-Power team accomplished this by creating heavily engineered carbon-fiber body components that increase downforce while saving weight. Gone are the stock hood, front & rear spoilers, and the trunk lid; they are replaced by CAD-designed carbon components that meet automotive OEM standards. The new G-Power front spoiler adds more downforce on the front axle, while the new trunk lid and rear spoiler give the rear tires more downforce. The buyer may also opt for the factory rear spoiler from an M3 GTS rather than the G-Power version.

G-Power also offers the lucky owner a wide range of engine output options. They have 3 different supercharger setups that produce 520, 580 and 610 hp respectively. For customers who want the zenith of BMW M3 power, there is a supercharger configuration called SKIII that increases horsepower by 300, for a final figure of 720 hp. To reach this number, G-Power installs a monstrous ASA T1-723 supercharger and increases displacement from 4.0 to 4.6 litres.

With the tuners, business is all about keeping their clients happy. These days, wealthy buyers are demanding cars that are faster and more powerful than ever, and G-Power is ready to meet those demands with the M3 RS.

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