BMW M2 Convertible Concept Evens Up M Performance Line

Most people have grown quite accustomed to BMW’s odd-number model range- 1, 3, 5, 7. It is basically the alphanumeric organizational system that many other automakers have attempted to adopt. But with some new changes underway in Munich, the lineup is filling out nicely to become a bit more even with additions like the 2- and 4-series.

The 4-Series, taking the place of the aging 3-Series coupe, and the 2-Series, is replacing the 1-Series and the 1-Series convertible. But like all good BMW’s, we- together with designer Dejan Hristov- came up with the idea of toughening up the yet-to-be revealed 2-Series with a touch of “M” aggression.

On the front, the M2 receives the signature flared front fascia, with agape air ducts and a widened grille mount for intake. These aggressive new features mold seamlessly into a sharpened side edges, onto the open top, finishing off in the rear with a relatively simple and seamless trunklid. Other features include signature flared wheel arches, a lowered center of gravity and quad tailpipes. We expect an “M” variant of the 2-Series when it goes in sale within the next few years. Thanks to Dejan, we can plenty drool over this in the meantime!

PHOTOS: See more of the BMW M2 Concept by Dejan Hristov

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