Barrett-Jackson Preview: 1927 Nash Speedster is Street-Rodding at its Best

Say you have that penchant for the wind-in-the hair feeling. Well, a convertible should do the trick. And what if you don’t want the trouble of extra people and would prefer a truer sportscar, but with a droptop– that’s where a roadster comes in. Even beyond a roadster, if utmost performance is your thing, you live in Southern California, and have no need for any protection from the elements of any kind, a speedster may be more to your liking. Stripped down of any nonessentials, the speedster is all about having fun in the sun, and doing it as fast as possible.

Few speedsters are quite like this bad boy; the 1927 Nash Motors Speedster. This custom street rod started life as a two door sedan, and received a custom aluminum front section, a full custom frame, and epic leather interior. This Nash features a 194 cubic inch (3.18-liter) straight-six with Weber carburetors, Offenhausser cylinder head, and a custom marine speedometer.

The custom job was done by the editor of Street Rodder magazine and was sold by the previous owner in June of 2012 for just $35,000!!! The car is now being auctioned by Barrett-Jackson this weekend. Though no estimate has been given and no reserve is being placed on the car, we have to imagine that it will go for more than the previously tendered $35K! You’ll just have to check out the Barrett-Jackson auction, being held in Scottsdale, AZ, all next week, January 13-20!

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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