911 vs. Cayman: Which is the Greater Porsche?

Since man rose from of the ashes of the Earth, it has been common knowledge that the 911 was the superior model in the Porsche lineup. And although somewhat outshined occasionally by larger, more proficient models such as the Carrera GT or 918, the 911 is the staple model in the Porsche lineup and always has been. But is it any good? Well, yes, it is. In fact, it’s considered one of the greatest sports cars known to man…if you didn’t already know that. And the top spec 911 GT2 RS -at 620-hp and $245K is indeed a supercar superstar.

But aside from the Carrera, the GT2, GT3 or other top spec 911′s are more of a show piece than anything. But what about the base Carrera? How much better is that model than a top-spec closely relateĀ Cayman R. Well take a look at the specs for the Carrera as follows:

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera

Engine: 3.4L Boxer-6
Horsepower: 350
0-60: 4.2 Seconds
Price: $82,000+

All in all, impressive numbers matched to an equally as impressive price tag. But what about the Cayman? While the base Cayman is nothing really to take home to mama, the top spec Cayman R is handsome, affordable and most importantly, still a Porsche- and to put the cherry on top just about as fast as the 911:

2012 Porsche Cayman R

Engine: 2.7L Flat-6
Horsepower: 330
0-60: 4.7 Seconds
Price: $67,000

Looking at the numbers for the Cayman R- $15K cheaper, 20 less hp (although it more than makes up in a low curb weight), and a 0-60 .5 seconds slower. Essentially, a smaller, more affordable 911. So question is, why would you ever buy a 911, ever? The Cayman R is a performance ready, no questions asked lady of the night, and as far as this writer goes, a hole heluva lot sleeker and better looking than the 911.

So, for those of you constantly plagued by these tough Porsche decisions (as I know you all are), here is your answer my friends, buy a Cayman R. Glad we could oblige.

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