The Story of Hurricane Sandy Told Through Cars

We rely on our cars for so much more than we think.  And in New York, a city where folks tend not to drive, the car is something that’s somewhat taken for granted. But as we look back at this week through the devastation, seeing it all from the point of view of cars is both saddening and inspirational. We love New York and New York Jersey. We love cars. And we will get through this.

For now, here’s the story of Hurricane Sandy – told by the automobile.

Sandy Started Her Destructive Path Down South

And Made Her Way up the Coast

Cars Helped us Prepare

And Got Some of us out of Harms Way

They Showed us Sandy’s Wrath in ways unimaginable

They Gave Context to How Deep the Water Really Was

And How Vicious

They Left us in a Sickened Awe

And Reminded us how Crippled we are

We Learned that we still have a way to go in how we Engineer Cars of the Future

16 Fisker Karmas were drowned, then set ablaze by Hurricane Sandy at a New Jersey port. Each one of these EVs comes with a $100,000+ price tag, ringing in a total of $1.5 million in damages.  Read more here.

They Showed us Nature’s True Force

Yet Also Gave Some of us Power

They Shed Light on how Reliant we are on Fossil Fuels

Some were Precious Cargo

While Others Carried Precious Cargo

But Lastly, they remind us that is life that’s precious – and how great it is to be an American.

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