Roundup: The Top 10 BoldRide Videos

If you’re a somewhat frequent visitor to you may have seen our new video section. If you haven’t, then be sure to check it out right now. There’s tons of cool stuff going on there from supercars, to rally racing ride alongs, bad ass muscle cars, crashes and of course everyone’s favorite- well endowed women in fast cars.  Actually all of our most popular videos are of scantily clad women with cars… Pervs.

On that note, allow us to point you in the direction of our top uploads this week of actual car porn. These videos will not include tits, tightly fitting extra mini skirts, or excessive bending at the waste. Why? Because my girlfriend is watching me write this, and I like getting laid. So, yeah… my sincerest apologies for that.

10) Like twin turbocharged V10s? Watch a twin turbo Gallardo and a twin turbo Dodge Viper go at it on a drag strip to see who is king of the ten cylinder hill: Watch nearly 3,000 exotic ponies in action

9) Yeah we knew this wasn’t going to end well: Formula Racing Truck Sent Crashing into the Woods

8) Watch a Tesla Model S backhand a BMW M5: Drag race: Telsa Model S vs BMW M5

7) Do you play a lot of racing and car video games? Do people make fun of you? Watch this Shakedown interview with Sean Johnston winner of Gran Tourismo’s GT Acacademy who is made his debut in ALMS in this past weekend’s Pettit Le Mans 10 hour race. Tell them haters get lost: Sean Johnston: From Video Games to Cup Cars

6) We’re big fans of the McLaren Mp4-12c here at BoldRide. For example, I moonlight as a currency trader, and run a bunch of shady websites just so I can buy one by next summer. Just kidding I have no idea what currency valuation is,  I don’t know how to code, and I have the math skills of 5th grader.  Thanks a lot public education. Here is the car that will be replacing the Mp4-12c Coupe in my wet dreams: 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider – First Drive

5) Chris Harris reviews two uber hot hatches that we will never see here in the United States. But it’s not an entirely irrelevant test for Americans,  especially with BMW M celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, and the sub M brand is prooving to be a formidable addition to BMW’s stable of quick road cars. It’s as if BMW said all they could with the traditional M car,  and decided to show-up Audi and Mercedes-Benz by offering performance versions of  standard BMW road cars at a discount . Check out the link to see if they Munich boys actually pulled it off:  BMW M135i vs. Audi RS3

4) Fisker has been having a rough month. Drive’s JF Musial heads to their design studio to take a look at why no one except for soulless jerks *cough* Musk *cough* Romney *cough* cares about Fisker’s financial troubles. They’re beautiful and made in America: The Design Studio of Fisker Automotive

3) The Lamborghini Aventador is a no nonsense supercar. We get an inside look at why that is in this video. It’s part history and part epic drive starting at Lamborghini’s factory in Italy,  and ventures into southern france, then across the Sierra Nevada and into Spain for a meeting with a real matador. Lamborghini Aventador Returns to the Ring

2) Urban Outlaw- the short film featuring Magnus Walker, his incredibly cool life and his fantastic collection of classic Porsche 911′s- was released this week. If you’re wondering where the inspiration for the short film came from, check out this “leisurely drive” down the 110 Freeway from Los Angeles to south Pasadena. Relaxing indeed: Magnus Walker 1971 Porsche 911 Morning Drive

1)Watch Urban Outlaw in its entirety here: Magnus Walker’s Magnum Opus

VIDEO: See more amazing car videos here

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