Dutch Government Initiating “Smart Highways” by 2013; Welcome to the Future

“Whoa,” is right. This, ladies and gentleman, is the future. Dutch design firm Studio Roosegaarde and Heleen Herbert from Heijmans Infrastructure have introduced their first prototypes of what they are calling a “smart highway” system.

Rather than focusing their energy on redesigning the vehicle, the Dutch team sought out to re-invent the less than productive highway system. These new technologies will include a glow in the dark road, dynamic paints, interactive lights, induction priority lanes and wind lights. In lay terms, the updates range from detecting dangerous road conditions to charging your EV while driving. THE FUTURE!

The team says that through the use of light, energy and self-adjusting road signs, it creates highways that are more socially conscious and interactive with drivers.

Not only did the design team win a much deserved “Best Future Concept” prize at the Dutch Design Awards recently, but, they also will get to see their concept turn into a reality when the Dutch government begins construction of these smart highways by mid-2013.

Source: Studio Roosegaarde

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