Will.I.Am Gets Custom Car Impounded

Will.I.Am (real name) of the Black Eyed Peas first made a name for himself through his, um music, but lately he’s been a bit more focused on the auto market with his IAMAUTO company.¬†What is IAMAUTO? Will wanted to design and build his own car that he would put into production, even more noble he wanted to make sure all the profits and jobs went back to the community where he grew up. The DeLorean based car in question is picture here.

So far IAMAUTO has produced only one of their future DeLoreans, the likes of which is driven by the CEO himself, Will.I.Am. Only problem is that as much as Mr. Am loves to drive his new ride, he does so very illegally.

He was pulled over recently when LA cops noticed he was driving without a license plate. Digging a bit deeper they realized the car was also unregistered or was barely legal enough to be a car. This led to the IAMAUTO to be IAM-IMPOUNDED.

Cops say that until Will fills out the proper paperwork he won’t be able to get his time machine back.

Photo Courtesy of TecheBlog

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