Reverse: Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome.

- 75 cars spin donuts all AT ONCE setting a new record. (via Huffington Post)

- Are soccer moms getting cooler?  Maybe.  Mercedes is discontinuing their mini-van crossover. (via Auto Guide)

- Is Fisker looking for more Karma?  They have a new project code named Nina. (via egm Car Tech)

- March car sales hit record high, double digit gains from 2011. (via Washington Post)

- Two Batmobiles… drag racing?! (via Auto Blog)

- The best new car values for 2012. (via Forbes)

- Lastly, could an air powered car become reality? (via BoldRide)

Here are some new standout cars released this week on BoldRide:

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