eBay Car of the Week: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZTA Firebird Package

THIS sweet 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZTA Firebird Package is on eBay for a “purchase now” price of $52,243

About the ZTA Firebird / Trans Am Appearance Package
After two years of meticulous design, engineering, tooling and numerous vehicle builds, Projxauto has ramped up production on its Z/TA Firebird/Trans Am Appearance Package and will be taking orders at the 2011 SEMA show. The iconic styling will instantly take car fans back to the Bandit days of the late 1970s. For 35 years, General Motors built F-body Camaros and Firebirds. While these pony cars shared the same F-body architecture, they each had individual panels and trim that appealed to the Chevrolet or Pontiac minded buyer.

Following the introduction of the fifth-gen Camaro and subsequent demise of Pontiac, the team at Projxauto put their CAD station to work and decided to “bring the excitement back” by devising an interpretation of what a fifth-gen Firebird should look like. As car fans may have guessed, the Z/TA name is derived in part from the fifth-gen Camaro’s Zeta rear-wheel-drive platform, as well as a play on Z/28, the Trans Am’s (TA) rival for years. “We wanted an O.E.M. look and feel to the car with simple, modern-day muscle and iconic styling cues that honor the rich heritage of the Firebird,” said Doug Street, who designed the Z/TA package along with Lowell Kiester at Projxauto. Unlike some competitors’ models, the Z/TA packages aren’t just one-off show cars. The vehicles at SEMA represent actual production builds. Thanks to its straightforward installation process, any qualified paint shop will be able to assist buyers in removing their Camaro panels, painting to match the Z/TA panels and easily reinstall every nut, bolt, clip, lamp, wire harness and absorber back to its original specs. The entire Z/TA package as exhibited at SEMA will retail for $8,500, plus paint and installation cost, a very competitive price for an O.E.-quality body package that totally transforms your Camaro into a modern-day ’Bird.

What the seller says about it
“What we have here is a brand new 2012 Camaro that has been upfitted with a ZTA Firebird package by Heide Performance Products, both of Madison Heights, Michigan.  This car is more striking in person than in the pictures.  ZTA Firebird is a package of OEM quality production parts designed to look as the Firebird may have looked today had Pontiac survived.  As Chevrolet used the iconic 1969 Camaro styling cues for their modern day Camaro, the ZTA Firebird package uses the stying cues from the most popular era of the Trans Am, the mid to late 1970′s.  No other Firebird/Trans Am kit available today has this level of detail and precision design.  For example the hood is not a modified Camaro hood but an aluminum stamped hood made specifically for this package.  These parts are engineered and made to specifically to replicate a Firebirds appearance, not Camaro parts massaged into looking like a Firebird.  The tail lamps are another example of the excellence of this package.  These are injection molded tailamps just like the OEM’s use, with the fit and finish you would expect from a mass produced car.

We at Walters Elkland Chevrolet took the liberty of having Heide Performance Parts not only install the ZTA Firebird package, but also having them make some styling enhancements that we thought would give the car a more 1970′s retro look.  Below is a list of these enhancements.

This car started out as a new 2012 Camaro SS that was priced at $34335 and the installed price for all the modifications is $17908 = $52243.  This is a brand new car and eligible for any and all GM incentives including GM Card Rebates, GM Employee Rebates, factory incentives, etc.

Want it?
See the full eBay listing for this 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZTA Firebird Package here


Added source: Projxauto

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