The Man Cave of Your Gearhead Dreams

Man Cave 2

This incredible collection of cars and assorted cool stuff is hidden away in an unassuming building behind a vintage gas station. You’d have no idea there’s anything interesting inside, especially since it’s a private collection, but if you can find your way in you’ll be amazed.

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11 Years to the Day, NASA Mars Rover is Still Driving


On Earth, the iconic Land Rover Defender marks a significant chapter in its history for 2015, but in space a different type of rover is making history. NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover, which landed on the red planet exactly 11 years ago to the day, has driven a total of 25.9 miles. That’s farther than any off-Earth vehicle has ever achieved – quite the feat.  Continue Reading »

Brown and Gold Combine to Make One Ugly Pagani Huayra

Ugly Pagani Huayra photo

Let’s face it— the rich just aren’t like you and me. Case in point is this brown and gold Pagani Huayra. It’s been ordered on speculation by a Japanese dealer but you know some rich person is going to find it desirable. Continue Reading »

Massive Toy Truck Pulls Real Cars, Rocks Neighborhoods

RC Peterbilt truck

As a kid, I admit, I loved radio controlled cars more than anything. Yes, even LEGOs. But back then, they were simple, expensive, and broke all the time.  Recently I came across this PeterBilt R/C truck with millions and millions of views on YouTube and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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Watching This Plane Land Could Make You Lose Your Lunch

Plane Landing sideways photo

Most people who have taken a flight in an airplane have at least one horror story. It usually involves either a screaming child or a particularly rough flight, but you won’t find many with a story as scary as the one the passengers on this plane experienced.

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Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Looks Properly Nutty

liberty walk lamborghini huracan photo

Of their own merit, supercars are already appropriately insane. Incredible horsepower numbers conjure up unthinkable acceleration figures, and not to be forgotten – there’s the raucous styling. But the folks at Liberty Walk, the infamous Japanese body-mod shop, go a bit further, as can be seen with this racy new render for the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. Continue Reading »

Cadillac Contemplating Hybrid All-Wheel Drive

Cadillac CTS-V photo

In the coming decades, hybrid drivetrains will become increasingly common, and most likely, widely accepted by the general buying public. Those first few tries with the Prius has led to much further strides into the hybridization of automobiles. Even the latest crop of hypercars use some form of hybridization.

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This Multi-Armed Octopus Tractor is Agricultural Erotica

octopus tracto -mower photo

It’s the question that’s puzzling a nation. How does one mow an entire ditch bank in one fell swoop. Well, we’re here to quell the confusion – it’s with this – the quad-armed Claas Xerion 3300 VC “Octopus” tractor.  Continue Reading »

You Won’t Believe The Size of These Monster Vehicles


Monster Vehicles dump truck photo

You think your monster truck is big and rules the road? Think again. These vehicles are absolutely monstrous and make anything you’ve ever driven look pint-sized. In fact, they’d likely run right over your monster truck like it was nothing more than a speed bump.

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Custom 1981 Porsche 911 Needs Some Love and a Good Home

Porsche 911 Rear

This 1981 Porsche 911 SC is not like any other. It was custom designed to look like a 1980 Plymouth Arrow pickup truck with a red, orange, and yellow color scheme that screams for attention. It also got some special tuning in the process, but sadly the car didn’t stay road worthy for long.

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