2017 Subaru BRZ Gets Small Changes, Makes a Big Difference


I know what you’re hoping to read here, and the answer is no, Subaru did not finally stuff the STi’s 310-horsepower EJ257 under the hood of the BRZ. It’s unlikely for that to ever happen either, because Subaru has made it very clear that power is not what the BRZ is about. Continue Reading »

The 900-HP Fenyr Supersport Might Have the Coolest Spoiler Ever


If you watched Furious 7, then you undoubtedly jumped out of your seat when you saw a $3.4 million supercar toss itself out the window of a skyscraper. That car was the 770-horsepower Lykan Hypersport, and it was the brainchild of Dubai-based W Motors—though, don’t worry, the one in the movie was just a prop. Continue Reading »

You Won’t Believe the Asking Price of this Teeny, Tiny Peel P50


Typically, people pay more for… well, more. This is the notion behind multi-million dollar 16-cylinder Bugatti Chiron supercars and obnoxious six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz pickups. But sometimes the opposite happens. Sometimes, less costs more, and in the case of this diminutive little car… much, much more.  Continue Reading »

Attacking the Track in a Supercharged 1991 Acura NSX


If you’re talking about a day at the track, you have to talk about pressure; tire pressure, throttle pressure, braking pressure, boost pressure—there’s all kinds of pressure one needs to take into consideration. Even then, there’s no pressure greater than that which is put on you when it’s your turn behind the wheel of a car for the first time…in front of the owner, the builders, and one of your favorite motorsport athletes. Continue Reading »

5 Performance Vehicles Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

The summer vacation season unofficially kicks off this weekend with Memorial Day, when millions of Americans will be hitting the road for the long weekend, many of them in minivans, trucks, SUVs, and campers. While all those vehicles have their redeeming qualities, many are more than what’s actually necessary to enjoy a three-day weekend. Continue Reading »

This ’66 Shelby GT350 is Competition Ready


As you might expect, the upcoming Greenwich Concours d’Elegance Auction will see a variety of interesting cars roll across the block, and this 1966 Shelby GT350 is certainly among the best of the best. Boasting a race-ready interior, refurbished exterior, and even a spare 305 engine, it is, without question, a Shelby worthy of the estimated $100k-$130k asking price. Continue Reading »

Ariel Nomad Off-Roader Now Available in the US for $78,200


When it comes to the world of sports cars, few vehicles can compete with the legendary and supremely lightweight Ariel Atom, in terms of pound-for-pound performance. The barebones sports car utterly changed the game upon its introduction in 2000, and debut on US shores in 2006.  Continue Reading »

The Lexus GS F Wants to Eat You, And That’s Sort of the Charm: Review


There’s something under your bed. Don’t look, it has a hunger for flesh; you, your children, even your dog. It’s not the Boogeyman, if that’s what you were thinking, it’s a Lexus; the meanest Lexus on the whole damn planet, and it doesn’t care what you think about it. Continue Reading »

Peugeot is Building a Nifty Little Electric Scooter

Peugeot Electric Scooter 2

Peugeot is teaming up with a Swiss company called Mirco Mobility to build an electric scooter. It’s called e-Kick and it was developed for those who live in the city and need something small and motorized to get around where a car might not be the easiest solution.

Continue Reading »

Mazda RX-7 Successor Could Happen If There’s Enough Demand


Late last year, Mazda pulled the covers off one of its most striking concept cars to date—the Mazda RX-Vision concept—a two-door, two-seat, rotary-powered coupe, which was seen by many in the industry as a thinly veiled precursor to a next-generation Mazda RX-7 or RX-8 sports car.  Continue Reading »


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