James Glickenhaus Unleashes Monumental SCG003 GT Cars


James Glickenhaus is back with a new supercar, and this time, a street-legal version will actually be available to the public. The project, named the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 has two versions, the SCG003S (above) and the SCG003C (below).

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Koenigsegg Shows More of the Agera RS Before Geneva


For a motor show that seemingly every company (and sister company) is bringing some serious supercar heat, Koenigsegg decided to one-up everybody and debut two supercars. Well, one hypercar and one supercar. Along with the mysterious monster Regara the Swedish manufacturer is cooking up, Koenigsegg is also debuting the Agera RS.

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This Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Rendering Will Leave You Drooling

Mercedes AMG Hypercar rendering

Imagine a world where every automaker built a 900-horsepower hypercar. It would just be a better place. One of those marques would be Mercedes-Benz — more specifically Mercedes-AMG — and said hypercar in question would hopefully look something like this. Continue Reading »

5 Best Cars for Catching Llamas

Rally Fighter Llama

That’s it, Phoenix, your nightmare is over. Following in the wake of #Llamapocalypse2015, police and one very brave guy with a rope caught and detained two wild llamas roaming the streets. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

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Watch a BMW Short Film Directed by ‘Birdman’ Oscar Winner Alejandro González Iñárritu

bmw short film photo

Alejandro González Iñárritu is sitting pretty right now. This past weekend at The Oscars, he and his crew earned recognition for their film Birdman, taking top honors for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. To the casual fan, this might have been the first time hearing of Iñárritu, but the Mexican filmmaker’s directing credits go back as far as 2005 and even earlier than that as a producer and composer. In those credits, Business Insider found his name on a 2001 short film called “Powder Keg.”

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398HP Clubman GT is the Meanest Mini You’ll Ever See


The standard Mini Clubman isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we get it. The stretched hatchback look is a hard one to pull off. But the Mini brand’s latest iteration might just be thing that lights your Clubman fire. It’s called the Clubman Vision Gran Turismo. It’s currently available for digital download on Gran Turismo 6, and you’ll notice one thing immediately – it looks absolutely mean.  Continue Reading »

8 Classic Cars the World is Glad to Have Back

Challenger History

Cars are generally regarded to be pretty tough. But between taking the brunt of a crash or conquering Earth’s most remote places, no amount of toughness can save a car from the end of its production run — and that’s somewhat sad.  Continue Reading »

Buy Dennis Rodman’s Custom Hummer H1 and Become a Legend


A Dennis Rodman vehicle just wouldn’t be a Dennis Rodman vehicle without some sort of insanely terrible customization to match his wildly eccentric personality. A few years ago, Rodman sold his metallic gold and black Lamborghini Gallardo, and a college kid bought it. Today, he’s selling the Hummer H1 he had customized, and you can be the lucky one to buy it. Continue Reading »

2016 Audi R8 is as Sharp as a Surgeon’s Scalpel

Audi R8 V10

One thing is for certain, during Auto Show season, most manufacturers can’t hold on to their reveals until the car is supposed to officially debut. We’ve already seen teaser after teaser for the new Audi R8, and now, it’s officially here. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Gets an Adorably Weird Anime Makeover in Japan

shimajiro tesla model s weird anime photo

The Tesla Model S isn’t your conventional sports sedan. In fact, with a whopping 691 horsepower in its unrestrained P85D form, it practically blows everything else out of the water. This Tesla is even less conventional than the lot. As you’ve surely noticed, it looks more like a cartoon than an actual car.  Continue Reading »


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