This Weird Looking BMW i8 Runs on Hydrogen

BMW i8 Hydrogen

Just when you thought the BMW i8 couldn’t look any more futuristic, this prototype comes along. It’s not some post-apocalyptic preview of BMW’s to come, but rather, it’s a hydrogen fuel cell test mule based on the current BMW i8. Continue Reading »

Watch What Happens When Someone Pulls Over a Cop for Speeding


Nobody exactly loves the police (don’t tell my best friend who is one). Obviously, everybody needs them and the services they provide, but more often than not, the thought of a police officer is associated with anger or unhappiness because of certain citations. That’s what makes this video, dug up by CarScoops so satisfying.

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America’s Greatest Stuntman Shines in “I Am Evel Knievel”


We here at BoldRide hope you are enjoying the 4th of July. It’s America’s birthday, and so far, we have celebrated it with badass trucks, an All American ‘Cuda, and finding out what the most American cars are. But later comes the fireworks, and what goes with that better than Evel Knievel jumping school busses?

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See a Flying Boat From Nic Cage Film Stuck on a Beach

Catalina Boat Plane

Filming a movie is tricky business, especially when it involves a vintage aircraft staged out on the ocean. The people working on the new Nic Cage move USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor learned this the hard way when the vintage Catalina PBY being used as a prop started taking on water.

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Mustang vs. Camaro: A Sales War to End all Wars

Camaro Mustang Crop

When it comes to car rivalries, there are few beefs that compare to the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang. For almost 50 years, these two muscle cars have been going head-to-head against one another. Whether that’s through performance, price, or the amount of smoke each can create from its tires. However, today we’re talking about a different battle between the two pony cars: a battle of sales figures. It appears the Mustang has taken the crown from the Camaro, which had six years on top.

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Only Two of These Bugatti EB112s Were Ever Made


Over the last few months, Bugatti and its parent company Volkswagen have attempted to keep details of the Veyron successor very close to the chest. Today though, we aren’t talking about the Veyron, or its successor, but rather one of Bugatti’s older creations: an EB112 sedan just spotted in Monaco.

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Watch the Iconic Hemi ‘Cuda Drag Race a Plymouth Road Runner


The late ‘60s and early ‘70s saw many titans of the muscle car world, each one churning out more power than the next. But of all the legends and their engines one motor in particular rises to the top of the pile. The “elephant engine” itself, Chrysler’s storied 426ci., 425 horsepower Hemi V8.  Continue Reading »

TBT: The 1976 Bertone Rainbow Was a Wild Rebodied Ferrari


Some tales of old cars are best left under old covers collecting dust like an old shop desk. They’re forgotten and eventually fall out of the automotive timeline that has countless memorable stops along the way. Cars designed by Bertone don’t usually meet that disheartening fate, especially one based on a Ferrari that changed the course of Italian automobiles.

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Adam Carolla’s Beautiful 1966 Ferrari Heads to Auction


How do you follow up a smash hit? In music terms, it’s a case of the dreaded “second album.” But that’s a circumstance which engineers at Ferrari undoubtedly faced in 1963 as they sent the rockstar 250 series into the sunset and followed it up with the 330.  Continue Reading »

Ever Wondered How to Do a Burnout? Watch This!


To muscle car enthusiasts, the burnout is the ultimate form of expression. A process of turning tires into bubbling patches of goo and billowy clouds of smoke. While it’s mainly for show, extremely unadvisable, and illegal to do on public roads, burnouts are a key component of warming tires for making quicker passes at the local dragstrip.  Continue Reading »


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