This Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Doesn’t Exist, But it Should


In recent years, rumors have repeatedly arisen suggesting Ferrari will plot a return to prototype racing on the world stage. Given that it hasn’t happened yet, you shouldn’t wait with bated breath, but just in case it does… one can only hope that LMP1 competitor looks as good as this.  Continue Reading »

Ferrari 335 S Goes for $36.2 Million at Auction, Becomes World’s Most Expensive Car


It feels like every few months, we’re announcing a new world-record set for the price of a single car, and why not? The rich are getting richer, and there are less and less rare sports cars on the market. That combination of supply and demand means there’s no end in sight for car values, like this rare Ferrari which sold at auction last week for a record price. Continue Reading »

Watch Why You Shouldn’t Park on a Frozen Lake

Sinking Cars 1

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin held its annual Winterfest this weekend and conditions were warmer than usual. This meant there were more people at this year’s celebration, making it even tougher to find a parking space. Some folks decided the frozen lake was a good place to park their cars. That turned out to be a bad idea.

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Our Favorite Car Ads From Super Bowl 50


Last night, walking-talking Papa John’s ad Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The coverage teetered on the edge of “lifetime achievement award night” for Manning, who may or may not have announced his retirement by endorsing Budweiser several times in postgame interviews. Continue Reading »

Ferrari Waves Goodbye to Aging FF, Introduces Powerful New GTC4Lusso


“We’ll never build an SUV!” said Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne as he slammed his fist down emphatically. But why should Ferrari build an SUV? Especially when they have something as wonderfully beautiful as this—the new GTC4Lusso. Or in human speak, a Ferrari sportwagon (of sorts). Continue Reading »

Who’s Stronger: A Red Bull F1 Car or Rugby Players?


As far as racing machines go, Formula 1 cars are the veritable tip of the spear. Brutally fast, seriously lightweight, and monstrously powered, they’ve proven more than a match for opponents on both two and four wheels.  Continue Reading »

Jerry Seinfeld to Sell 18 Rare Porsches and VWs at Auction: Full List


Last month, comedian and well-known Porsche fanatic Jerry Seinfeld gave the classic car world a shock when Gooding & Company announced it would auction off a few rare cars from Seinfeld’s extensive Porsche collection. Now however, the number has swelled considerably—from three to 18 cars in total—and they’re not your average vintage Porsches. Continue Reading »

Forget Crossovers, Citroen Proves 4×4 Vans Are Where It’s At With New Concept


Once a must-have item for busy homemakers, the minivan has fallen on some hard times in the US. Its market share is shrinking, its family appeal…waning. But one look at this svelte people-hauler might give you second thoughts about the common van—meet the SpaceTourer HyphenContinue Reading »

The Land Rover Defender Assembly Line Isn’t Done Just Yet


January 29th marked a somber day for the Land Rover faithful, as 700 past and current employees of the 4×4’s Solihull plant convened to watch the final Defender roll off the line, number 2,016,933. With its end of production go 68 years of rich history, innovation, style, and a whole lot of caked-on mud.  Continue Reading »

Kylie Jenner is a Dolt for Snapchatting While Driving

Kylie Jenner Ferrari image

Distracted driving is a serious issue with people getting injured and even killed because they’re not paying attention behind the wheel. Texting, checking email, and recording videos when you’re supposted to be driving isn’t safe, but Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to care. She’s Snapchatting up a storm while she’s in the car.

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