The hitchBOT Hitchhiking Robot Gets Vandalized in Philadelphia


Philadelphia may be known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” but one robot passing through Philly isn’t feeling quite so warm and fuzzy.  Continue Reading »

Spyker Rises From the Grave; Plans to Merge With American Airplane Company

Spyker C8 Aileron

It’s been a tumultuous few years for Dutch automaker Spyker. After a series of mishaps from CEO Victor Muller, some unsettled debts, and a few assets having to find a new home, it looks like the marque is back on its feet—and completely free of debt. Continue Reading »

6 Stunning Open-Wheel Racecars Coming Up For Auction

Auction AAR 2

Driving an open-wheel racecar is undoubtedly on the bucket list of more than a few enthusiasts. But actually owning one? That’s a whole new level of awesome that very few people will ever achieve in their lifetime. Continue Reading »

Xzibit Pimps His Own Ride, A Custom Jeep Wrangler


For six seasons, Pimp My Ride, gave the world a view into extreme auto customization, while simultaneously giving car enthusiasts the guilty pleasure of asking, “Why would you do THAT?!” At the show’s core was its host, rapper Xzibit, who was always winking at the camera. Now, the pimpee becomes the pimped with his new tuned Jeep Wrangler.

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This 1979 Concept Camaro is One Rare Street Machine


The 1970s aren’t exactly remembered as “the best of times” for American performance cars. Generally speaking, styling took a backwards leap and engine power suffered an even worse fate. But despite the malaise era’s downward dive, a few champions arose from the ashes.  Continue Reading »

Robbie Maddison Just Rode a Dirt Bike On a Wave and It’s Insane

Robbie Madison Wave 2

We’re not sure how you were expecting to start your Monday off, but I bet it wasn’t watching something as insanely awesome as this. Robbie Maddison—an Australian extreme sports athlete and all-around badass—strapped some skis on his dirt bike and rode a wave; a freakin’ wave. Continue Reading »

Sorry Brits: Ford May Only Sell 20 GT Supercars in the UK

Ford GT Supercar 2

Ford is building a new GT supercar, didn’t you hear? And while we wait in anticipation for the latest and greatest track monster from Detroit Canada, Ford fans in the UK might not be so happy about the latest news. Continue Reading »

This Hennessey F-150 from “Top Gear” Will Cost You $150,000


It isn’t often that you can call up a car company and say, “Hello, I’d like to buy the exact car that was driven on the set of Top Gear.” However, this is one of those exceptions.  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Fastest American Cars

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

For the longest time, American cars had only been known for outright speed. They were point-and-shoot weapons that decimated the dragstrip. However, over the past few years, American cars have been improved ten-fold in the realm of cornering and offering the driver a more engaged experience. Cars like the Z/28 Camaro, or the Mustang GT350 are becoming the new normal for American performance cars.

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Watch a Pro Skater Grind Atop a Moving Mazda2


Many automakers claim their owners take part in active lifestyles. But brands like Subaru and Mazda seem to have that more youthful buyer demographic dialed in. The latter is maybe trying to underscore that with this new video.

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