Yes, The Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Is Getting a Movie

VW Logo

In the wake of the Volkswagen #Dieselgate scandal, Paramount pictures has acquired the rights to what could be the most riveting film ever about an automotive recall. It would be funny if it were not so entirely predictable.

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2016 CTS-V Not Yet the One–Two Punch Cadillac Envisioned: First Drive


Taking turn two at Willow Springs International Raceway at over 100 miles per hour sideways is, to say the least, exhilarating. The back straight on the track is dispatched in seconds, as the digital speedometer climbs well past 140 miles per hour. The bark of the exhaust as you downshift pulls you out of the warp tunnel you’ve been traveling in for the last few seconds. A stark difference to the experience of the Cadillac CTS-V I had just a single day before. Continue Reading »

Three Future Technologies Changing Driving In Years to Come

Infiniti Q60 interior dash photo

It seems there’s a new automotive technology in the news almost daily. Today’s optional extras are becoming tomorrow’s standard features and tomorrow’s options will blow your mind. Technology is changing how we drive and these three technologies are going to make us safer and more connected than ever.

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Ferrari to Debut on NYSE With RACE Ticker Symbol in $1 Billion IPO

2015 Ferrari FXX-K

A ticker symbol is how a company is identified on the stock market and it’s usually an abbreviation of the company name. Microsoft is MSFT, General Motors is GM, but when Ferrari joins them, the ticker will be RACE.

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Rinspeed Builds First Autonomous Hybrid Sportscar


Describing automaker Rinspeed is like having someone describe a foreign film they saw ten years ago—you’ll really never understand it without actually seeing it for yourself. The Swiss automaker is in all reality, more of an automotive think tank that builds cars sometimes. Lately, the team at Rinspeed has been focusing on autonomous vehicles and their newest creation is this—the Ʃtos.

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Dieselgate Not Slowing Down Used Volkswagen Sales


You know who #Dieselgate isn’t affecting? Some used car buyers who are continuing to snap up used Volkswagens and Audis with the tainted 2.0-liter, turbodiesel engines. They’re not going to let a little thing like faulty emissions slow them down. Continue Reading »

The 1951 Buick LeSabre Concept Took Inspiration From Jet Fighters

1951 Buick LeSabre Concept

The LeSabre became part of the Buick lineup in 1959, but it started as a stunning concept car introduced by General Motors in 1951. It was designed by GM art department head Harley Earl who took inspiration from fighter jets. Those jets represented the most modern, advanced engineering of the day and Earl wanted to carry that theme through to automotive design.

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2016 Ford Focus RS Will Have Even More Power, Stall Recovery Tech


After months of speculation, and a parade’s worth of rumors, the Ford Focus RS figures are finally out for real. Buy a brand new, 2016 Focus RS, and you’ll be getting 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque. Volkswagen Golf R owners be damned. Continue Reading »

The Ford Mustang Cobra R is One Mean Future Classic


These days there are plenty of uber-rare, low-production supercars to drool over. Famously, Porsche only built 918 versions of its 918 Spyder. McLaren shipped only 375 P1 hypercars. But low-production American pony cars? That’s another niche altogether, and one that this screaming beast calls home.  Continue Reading »

The Delahaye Spirit Lives On Through This Stunning Sports Car Concept


French marque Delahaye was founded in France in 1894 (not to be confused with American coachbuilder Delahaye USA). The brand survived for nearly 60 years, and in that time, created some of the most stunning vehicles known the world over. They’ve been absent from the market for quite some time—but one designer wants to change that. Continue Reading »


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