Ford’s Great Aluminum F-150 Gamble, In Detail


The new 2015 Ford F-150 is a truck that is as groundbreaking as it is polarizing, and for one central reason: aluminum. The choice of the lighter material has already earned it plenty of praise, and the expected heaps of skepticism. Continue Reading »

Everyone Needs a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Ringtone [Audio]

Challenger Hellcat Front

Dodge is milking every opportunity they can from the 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. And can you blame them? It is, after all, the most powerful muscle car ever to come from a factory.

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Custom Built Toyota Corolla Has A Big V8 and No Style [Video]

Toyota Corolla V8

What do you get when you mix a 1975 Toyota Corolla, with a Lexus V8, and SC400 suspension components? You get a car that has absolutely no style. Seriously, that’s what Mark Still calls his custom creation, the “No Style” Corolla, although, we’d have to argue that one.

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Iggy Azalea to Appear in Fast and Furious 7


Australia’s latest rap sensation might be ‘fancy’, but apparently she’s not prim enough to decline a role in Fast & Furious 7. You heard right. Amethyst Amelia Kelly, better known as Iggy Azalea, will have a minor role in the upcoming street-racing flick, according to Vin Diesel. Continue Reading »

The Build Team Responsible for the Viper Defender TV Car: Interview

Dodge Viper Defender

In 1994, Chrysler pulled out one of the biggest marketing stunts to date — a TV show. It wasn’t just any TV show though, it was called Viper, and at the helm of it all was one very special car; the Viper Defender. Viper ran a total of four seasons from 1994-1999, and it cemented its place in history as a cult classic for gearheads.

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Bugatti Veyron SS Hits 246.4 MPH on Open Road in Idaho [Video]

Bugatti Veyron Speed Run

The Bugatti Veyron is a fast car, obviously. It hit 267 mph once and cemented itself in history as one of the fastest street-legal things on four wheels. So what are you to do when you have an open road, and over a million dollars worth of car at your fingertips? Looks like it’s time for a speed test.

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Matt Guthmiller Becomes Youngest Pilot to Fly Around the World Solo


What did you do when you were 19? Other than sit around and eat pizza. We can guarantee you didn’t set the current record for the youngest person to fly around the world solo. Why? Because 19-year-old Matt Guthmiller has that one covered. Continue Reading »

Will the Jaguar XE be a Lighter, Better 3 Series?


We’ll start out by saying this – we love BMWs 3 Series sedan. The 3-Series offers the perfect balance between luxury and performance. But if the recent hoopla surrounding the Jaguar XE is correct, the baby Jag might just be a bit more…um…perfect. Continue Reading »

2015 Dodge Viper Gets Minor Power Increase, Other Updates


Dodge has gone mad with power. No, they have not taken political office and begun to abuse bureaucratic powers. They have just gone nuts with the ability to crank power power out of their vehicles than ever before. Continue Reading »

Tumbleweed Will Build Your Ultimate Mobile Cabin


So you say you wan’t to live in a quaint little house that would make the cast of Portlandia passive aggressive with jealousy? But you also want that Seattle-loathing smug Portland lifestyle on the move? The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has the answer to your desire for a minute mobile cabin of epic quaintness.  Continue Reading »


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