When Ford Pintos Fly: The Bizarre Story of Henry Smolinski and His Flying Ford

Flying Ford Pinto

People give their lives for many reasons. Some die for their country, others for their faith. Every so often, however, we hear of people who give their lives for less noble ideals. Take Henry Smolinski for example. He died while trying to make his dream of a flying Ford Pinto come true. Continue Reading »

Could GM’s $439M Investment Allude to a Mid-Engine Corvette?

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

In the last few decades— or rather, since the Corvette first debuted, there have always been rumors swirling around about GM engineers putting together a mid-engine Corvette. It’s seemed like it was going to happen countless times, and if you go back and look at all the old issues of Road & Track and MotorTrend, you’re bound to see no less than 30 covers with the words, “Mid-Engine Corvette Finally Happening?” But alas, it never has. Continue Reading »

Be A Hero, Buy This Left-Hand-Drive HSV Ute

HSV Ute For Sale

If you live near Denver, Colorado, boy are you in for a treat. Rather than dishing out $85,000 for a high-end sports car, you can spend your money on something a little more rambunctious. How does this HSV Maloo ute suit your fancy? Continue Reading »

The Mercedes-AMG GT is a Symphony of Destruction: First Drive


Where do I start with Mercedes’ AMG division? For the most part, it’s filled with a bunch of German death metal and black magic engineers. Given this undeniable fact (Google it), things that come out of the Affalterbach factory often tend to be too much for even the devil himself to handle. Continue Reading »

McKenna Haase Becomes First Woman to Win a Feature Sprint Car Race at Knoxville


Clear your thoughts and make some space in your brain for this name: McKenna Haase. Last weekend, she became the first woman to win a feature Sprint Car race at Knoxville Raceway. So, you could say she’s kinda, sorta massively important. Continue Reading »

Meet the Ford Ranger Convertible You’ve Never Heard Of


If the idea of a concept car is any indication – not all running and driving prototypes are destined for their day in a dealership showroom. Some never see the light of day at all, others just fizzle out before production… for one reason or another.  Continue Reading »

Is This Bosozoku Lamborghini An Abomination Or Interesting?


In the already very strange community that is Japanese car culture, there is an even stranger sub-segment that has yet to make it to the rest of the world. It’s called Bosozoku— and it’s where people take normal cars, and pretty much just make them as flamboyant and ridiculous as possible. This usually involves exhausts that stretch well past the roof of the car, preposterous color and paint schemes, and absurd graphics and body kits. Continue Reading »

The Zagato Mostro Maserati is Jaw-Dropping

Zagato Mostro Maserati Side

Zagato takes some of the world’s most incredible cars and makes them even better. The Milanese boutique has been at if for nearly 100 years, producing some to the most beautiful custom cars in the world. Their latest effort is no exception to the rule. Continue Reading »

The US Might Be Getting a BMW M4 GTS


The latest BMW rumor has the M4 GTS being added to the lineup for customers in the United States. This is just a rumor for the moment with nothing confirmed, but there are some pretty good signs that it’s really going to happen.

Continue Reading »

Prototype Shelby GT350 Spotted on the Town


The cat is out of the bag. Ford performance devotees have been ogling over the all-new 2016 Shelby GT350 for some time now, ever since its grand reveal at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. But it would appear Ford isn’t done putting its high-horsepower athlete through its paces.  Continue Reading »


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