Watch this Stunning Bugatti Veyron L’Or Get Delivered [Video]


Have you ever wondered what having a supercar delivered to you would look like? If so, ponder no longer. The folks from Symbolic Motors of San Diego documented the arrival of a brand-new Bugatti Veyron. Continue Reading »

6 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadsters To Be Produced

01 Ferrari

The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio debuted as a concept car at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, and according to a new report, it’s going into production in very limited quantities. They’re only making six of this beauty for six lucky customers who likely already know they’re going to have this stunning supercar in their driveways in the near future. Continue Reading »

700HP Dodge Challenger SRT8 — No Hellcat Needed: Your Ride

Challenger SRT8 2

American muscle is alive and well, especially when you consider all that Dodge has been doing recently. But even before all the Hellcat hype, one of our readers, Carl, has been tearing up the streets in his custom 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT with 700 horsepower on tap. And he didn’t need no stinkin’ Hellcat engine to get there.

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Renaultsport RS 01: The Racecar of Our Dreams


If you had the freedom to design a car for a one-make racing series, you’d want to cram in just about all the nuttiest stuff that you possibly could. Happily, Renault has done just that. Continue Reading »

KITT Replica Will Make You Look as Cool as The Hoff: For Sale

Knight Rider For Sale 3

When I was a child in the ‘80s, I was obsessed with Knight Rider. Most kids, especially those who had a thing for cars, were fawning over David Hasselhoff’s talking ride (voiced by the same guy who’d go on to play Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World). It was one of the coolest cars on TV. Continue Reading »

It Doesn’t Get Much Cooler Than Infrared Donuts [Video]


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of doing donuts in an empty parking lot. OK, that’s everyone. So let’s try this again, but with a twist. Who’s guilty of doing donuts in an F1 car filmed with an infrared camera that makes it look like something out of a sci-fi flick? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Thankfully, the guys on the Red Bull Racing RB8 team can actually answer yes. Continue Reading »

Mazda Thinks It’s 1984 — Hires Duran Duran for Miata Reveal


The Miata has been around for a quarter century with Mazda selling over 930,000 examples (making it the all-time best-selling two-seat roadster), and giving affordable thrills and a tunable platform to countless enthusiasts around the world. Continue Reading »

Ferrari Tells Deadmau5 to Get Rid of His Purrari 458

Deadmau5 Ferrari 458

Earlier this year, Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman), decided to give his Ferrari 458 Italia a unique wrap. It entailed turning the whole car into a tribute to the Nyan Cat. It seems that adorning a Ferrari with a cat with a Pop-Tart body that flies through space leaving a rainbow trail in its wake did not amuse Ferrari one bit.

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BAC Mono Battles McLaren P1 for Track Superiority [Video]

McLaren P1 vs BAC Mono 2

The most powerful car isn’t always the fastest, we all know that. It’s not unusual for a lighter car to keep up with or even out-duel a more powerful car that weighs more. A track battle between the 931-horsepower McLaren P1 and the BAC Mono bears that out.

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The Maserati Transformers Guy is Fighting Back


Remember that guy who painted his Maserati to look like one of the Transformers? Well, he’s back! And just like the silver screen robots in disguise – he’s not backing down without a fight. In his case, in court. Continue Reading »


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